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Manic Revelations

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  Manic Revelations Audio CD Pokey LaFarge (Artist) Pokey LaFarge tries to make sense of trouble he's seen and trouble he's been in. This is the Great Why of his unending passion for songwriting. Each chord, each riff shades the stories he sets up in his lyrics, always in search...

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.Quality CD's, Rare, Out of Print, Collectible, Memorabilia, Affordable Even to Limited Income Earners is our vision. Our goal is to help you find those "Greatest Hits", "Great Singers", 80's, 90's, 70's, Rock, R &B, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Contemporary music you can add to your life long music library. CD's may just necessarily mean music but other media forms as well.

With today's smart and wireless technology using Apps, Bluetooth and Wireless some people might not necessarily look for a CD. Thinking about this reality yet also looking at ADLE International through Affordable Books on line offering out of print, rare, collectible books came the  ideology for Quality CD's. We integrated quality for value yet we target a specific customer niche.

Founded in 1998, ADLE International always look into offering that special memorabilia keepsake  yet not forget we want to offer them even to limited income earners, those living paycheck to paycheck, those on disability and marginalized in income distribution.

Our goal is to shop and offer the best collection and have our customers get the best seamless shopping experience and navigation on our store.

With the Alex Esguerra name brand as Former APEC Youth Representative and Young Entrepreneur 1996-98, we are proud and excited we have the best to offer.

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